Six new COVID-19 cases in Wuhan City and 14 more in Shulan City in Jilin province of China on May 12 have punctured the façade of confidence exuded by Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had been trying to claim that Wuhan was cleared and that Beijing would help other countries battle the dreaded pandemic.

Writing for South China Morning Post on May 12, Zhuang Pinghu said the two outbreaks have heightened fears that the pandemic’s ugly head still rears in China which had claimed that all new cases of COVID-19 were “imported” as doctors found out that all the new cases were local infections.  

These outbreaks have forced authorities to order the testing of 14 million people, with 11 million of them from Wuhan City, which actually comprised of three political units, within 10 days while Shulan officials admitted that the infections were all linked to a solitary case of a 45-year-old woman who was diagnosed with the virus on Thursday, May 7.    

The return of COVID-19 to Wuhan would most possibly be a cautionary tale for 46 US states that want to reopen their economies as well as countries in Europe and Asia that have been lifting restrictions, including South Korea, Thailand and Japan. #coronavirusimpact #COVID19PH