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Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to face a no-confidence motion brought against his government by far-right Vox party, Euronews reported.

Vox argues that Sanchez's administration must go accusing authorities of handling the coronavirus pandemic poorly, as well as labelling it a "fraud" for relying on independent parties.

The third reason it gave of six was the government's alleged "corruption linked to narco-dictatorships and totalitarian regimes".

However, it appears the vote, which needs an absolute majority to succeed, lacks the necessary support to topple the government.

The leading opposition — the conservative Popular Party — is unlikely to back Vox and without its votes, the motion has no chance.

“With victims, outbreaks and infections, the truth is that this no-confidence motion is a waste of time,” Popular Party secretary-general Teodoro García Egea said.

The vote will follow a debate, during which parliament will hear arguments for and against the motion.

In the session, Vox has unlimited time to explain it's reasons for wanting its rival out and the government will also have as long as it needs to present its defence.

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