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NoKor Hacked SoKor Chip Equipment Makers For Weapons Programs

North Korean hackers have broken into South Korean chip equipment makers, according to South Korea's spy agency, Mariko Oi reported for BBC News.

Pyongyang is reportedly trying to make semiconductors for its weapons programs. I Photo: Stefan Karowski Wikimedia Commons

Pyongyang is trying to make semiconductors for its weapons programs, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) says. It comes a month after President Yoon Suk Yeol warned North Korea may stage provocations such as cyberattacks to interfere with upcoming elections.

Last year, North Korea hacked into the emails of an aide to President Yoon.

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"We believe that North Korea might possibly be preparing to produce its own semiconductors in the face of difficulties in procuring them due to sanctions," the NIS said in a statement. It added that Pyongyang's efforts could be driven by the need for chips for its weapons programs, including satellites and missiles.

The NIS believes North Korea penetrated the servers of two chip equipment companies in December and February, stealing product designs and photographs of their facilities.Words

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