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PH1WD Sets New Standards In Energy-Efficient Communities

In a bold move towards sustainability, PH1 World Developers (PH1WD) recently unveiled its groundbreaking Trece Martires project, showcasing its commitment to setting new standards in energy-efficient communities in Southern Luzon.

From left to right: Trixia Pascaran, Sr. Project Development Officer at PH1WD Landscapes; Eric Gregor Tan, General Manager at PH1WD Landscapes; Gigi Alcantara, President of PH1WD; Edgar Saavedra, Chairman of both PH1WD and Megawide; and Charles Hari, Head of Design and Construction at PH1WD, stand united at the forefront of innovation in property development. | Photo: PH1WD

Following the success of Northscapes in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, PH1WD's newest venture aims to redefine horizontal property development.

PH1WD Landscapes General Manager, Eric Gregor Tan, expressed optimism about the Trece Martires project's potential sales performance, drawing inspiration from the overwhelming success of Northscapes SJDM.

Tan revealed that nearly 80 percent of Northscapes had been sold in 2023, showcasing the strong demand for their sustainable housing offerings.

"Just like Northscapes, our latest offering in Trece Martires is envisioned to offer an extraordinary kind of living," shared Tan. "We aim to set the bar high in terms of innovation in horizontal developments."

Building on the success of Northscapes, the Trece Martires project is set to introduce an innovative "Energy Efficiency" concept, integrating cutting-edge features into each unit. Tan highlighted that the new development would carry Northscapes' energy efficiency features, distinguishing it in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

"These are just some of the main differentiators of our Trece Martires project," Tan emphasized.

The Energy Efficiency concept incorporates SolarSave energy panels, ResiShade tinted windows, and TropiCool insulated walls, designed to harness solar energy, reduce electricity bills, and maintain comfortable temperatures within the homes. Tan explained,

"For instance, SolarSave energy panels will ensure each home can utilize solar energy and lessen electricity bills while reducing carbon footprint."

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Beyond individual units, the entire development will embody energy efficiency, featuring solar-powered streetlights and e-shuttle services.

Tan highlighted the underground installation of electric and telecommunication cables, eliminating unsightly overhead wirings and enhancing the community's aesthetic appeal.

"These are just some of the main differentiators of our Trece Martires project," Tan reiterated.

Tan emphasized that the Trece Martires development is a testament to PH1WD's commitment to providing exceptional living experiences and addressing the growing demand for higher-quality residences.

The site is poised to offer approximately 330 units, with a total worth of P1.8 billion, on a 5-hectare lot, with potential expansion up to 30 hectares.

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Local officials in Cavite Province have welcomed the project enthusiastically, and potential homeowners are already expressing keen interest in being part of the community's first residents.

"Many people loved what we did with Northscapes, so we’re bringing the same sustainable concepts through our latest project while addressing the demand for higher-quality residences," stated Tan.

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Looking ahead, PH1WD is negotiating for additional properties to expand its horizontal-project pipeline.

The Luzon expansion, focusing on Bulacan and Cavite, including Trece Martires, is part of a strategic plan. The company is also considering potential expansions to the Visayas, specifically Cebu and Iloilo, aiming to launch two horizontal projects annually for the next few years.

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