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PLDT Secures PHP4 Billion Green Loan From Metrobank For Nationwide Fiber Expansion

PLDT, the leading telecommunications network in the Philippines, has successfully secured a PHP4 billion Green Loan from Metrobank.

PLDT's partnership with Metrobank reinforces its commitment to broadening its sustainable financing portfolio. I Photo: PLDT Facebook

This significant financial boost will fuel PLDT's nationwide expansion of its fiber footprint, aiming to provide the country with fast and reliable internet connectivity facilitated by an energy-efficient network.

Marking PLDT's first green loan obtained from a local financial institution, the company disclosed this development to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

Danny Yu, PLDT's Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Management Officer, highlighted the company's active involvement in the domestic market of sustainable finance, showcasing its commitment to global best practices in pursuit of sustainable profitability.

He emphasized PLDT's partnership with Metrobank as reinforcement of its commitment to broadening its sustainable financing portfolio.

Yu underscored the importance of fiber-optic technology in PLDT's energy-efficient network, noting its significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional copper-based infrastructure.

This technology requires less power for data transmission over long distances while maintaining minimal degradation, resulting in reduced operational costs and alignment with PLDT Group's decarbonization roadmap.

Melissa Vergel de Dios, PLDT's Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasized the company's commitment to integrating sustainability across all its operations.

Securing the Green Loan reflects PLDT's holistic approach to environmental stewardship and responsible business practices.

As of March 2024, PLDT boasts over 1.1 million cable kilometers of fiber infrastructure, comprising international and domestic fiber, supporting various internet delivery platforms such as fiber fixed broadband, mobile data services, and carrier-grade WiFi.

This expansion initiative aligns with PLDT's vision to provide reliable and sustainable connectivity nationwide.


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