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A manhole cover featuring loveable Pokemon characters was installed at a park with a panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea in western Japan on Aug. 10.

The town of Utazu where the park is located is the 17th municipality in the prefecture of Kagawa to install a manhole cover featuring Slowpoke. The creatures are known as "Yadon" in Japanese, and are assigned to promote the prefecture for its famed "udon" noodles, which rhymes with their name, according to Mainichi Shimbun.

The manhole cover installed at Utazu Rinkai park was the first to feature the regional variant of the character called Galarian Slowpoke. It shows the creature looking at the sunset together with another Pokemon called Quagsire.

An unveiling ceremony was held on Aug. 10, known as Yadon's day, and Mayor Toshihiro Tanikawa said, "The park is a place of scenic beauty, where you can view the Seto Ohashi Bridge and sunset, and is one of Kagawa's sightseeing spots. I believe this manhole (cover) will help promote tourism." Mascot characters of a normal Slowpoke and a Galarian Slowpoke also appeared at the ceremony.

An official of Kagawa Prefecture's tourism promotion department commented, "We hope people see the image (on the manhole cover) and enjoy it by imagining where the sunset was seen from."

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