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RMN: Revolutionizing The Airwaves

RMN Networks is poised to revolutionize the airwaves, thanks to an extensive two-year research effort undertaken by the 67-year-old radio network.

Executive Vice President and COO of RMN Network, Rico Canoy is determined to transform the broadcast firm into a total communications company. I Photo: Ryx Canoy

The aim was to determine how the media company can remain relevant in today's rapidly changing world.

The credit for this two-year commitment to understanding its radio audience and aligning its offerings with audience preferences goes to Rico Canoy, the Executive Vice President and COO of RMN Network. Rico is determined to transform the broadcast firm into a total communications company.

The task of transformation is challenging, but Rico, who led RMN Networks to the top of the ratings game in the Visayas-Mindanao (Vis-Min) area as Vice President for Operations in 2015, believes it's achievable, especially with the insights gained from the research.

"Our two-year landmark study has not only helped our stations but also assisted our clients in adapting their communication and advertising materials to target their intended audience effectively," Rico explained with a sense of enthusiasm.

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In marketing, it's well-known that understanding your audience's thoughts and aligning your offerings with their preferences is key to success. Rico's goal was to gain a deeper understanding of his audience.

During his tenure as VP for Operations of RMN Networks, Rico achieved ratings dominance in the Vis-Min area within a year. This success led to a three-fold increase in nationwide local sales from 2016 to 2019.

This year could have been a significant milestone in RMN Networks' transformation into a total communications company, thanks to the valuable insights from the two-year research effort.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many plans. "If COVID-19 had not happened, 2020 would have been our strongest year of operations in a non-election year," Rico lamented.

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Nevertheless, Rico remains undaunted by the pandemic. His extensive experience in the broadcast media, including managing an AM radio station and working in audio production and advertising, has provided him with a fresh perspective on RMN Networks' offerings.

RMN Networks, with its 61 radio stations, including 19 AM stations, 22 FM stations, and 20 affiliate stations, was well-positioned for success. Rico's previous achievements in the Vis-Min area, coupled with the insights from the research, paved the way for what could have been a significant success this year.

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RMN Networks was set to celebrate its 68th year in the business on August 28, marking a potential turning point as the company transformed into a total communications company, aligning with the evolving media landscape.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Rico remains optimistic. To him, the pandemic is just a form of radio interference that can be overcome with the right adjustments.

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He highlighted the role of technology and the internet in connecting people during these challenging times. Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet have allowed RMN Networks to conduct meetings with clients and staff remotely.

These technologies have not only helped the business survive but have also enabled Rico to stay closely connected with station managers, ensuring that the company can adapt to changes and meet the needs of its clientele.

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Rico has ambitious plans for the transformed RMN Networks. He aims to make radio programs more relatable and exciting while expanding their reach through streaming apps and social media channels like Facebook.

Moreover, he is committed to aligning the network with the findings of the two-year research and ensuring that stations deliver news faster than the competition while maintaining credibility by avoiding fake news or disinformation.

According to Rico, radio is more trusted than television, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a station's credibility in delivering accurate and reliable news to its audience.

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