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For ceaseless COVID-19 response

San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has been given the prestigious "Global Excellence Award" for its efforts to keep the Philippine economy going by sustaining and generating more livelihood to help its citizens cope with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. This accolade was given by the International Chamber of Commerce’s national committee in the Philippines (ICCP).

The world business organization conferred the award, which was received by SMC Chief Finance Officer Ferdinand K. Constantino, via Zoom. The aforementioned likewise delivered the acceptance message of SMC president and chief operating officer Ramon S. Ang.

Meanwhile, ICCP Founding Chairman Francis Chua, Honorary Chairman Jose T. Pardo, and Director General Jesus B. Varela led the honoring of SMC.

The Global Excellence Award was created in 2016 to pay homage to leaders whose efforts significantly impact economic growth, development, and competitiveness in the local and global business communities.

In his message, Ang praised all SMC employees who help and have helped ensure the company's constant and continuous supply of essential products, services, and aid to Filipinos throughout the pandemic. “From day one of the quarantine, I have seen so many of our employees go above and beyond the call of duty. They made sure food products were available in markets and most importantly, to our poor kababayans. They reported for work to make and deliver free disinfectant alcohol from our facilities. They took care of running our power plants so that our medical front liners and hospitals could do their jobs of saving lives, and so millions of Filipinos could stay at home,” he said.

“They ensured our expressways and gas stations continued to run to transport essential personnel and products, and most of all devoted time to support our efforts to help medical front liners, disadvantaged communities, our provinces, and cities. They made sure everything we could give was delivered with care and malasakit,” he added. For its part, the ICCP cited San Miguel for its “outstanding dedication in providing quality products and services that contribute to the economic and social development of the Philippines.”

Furthermore, the ICCP said SMC has come up with “innovative solutions to keep the Philippine economy alive amidst the limitations imposed by the global pandemic”. These, they said, benefitted numerous Filipinos, from employees to micro-retailers. The organization also cited SMC’s humanitarian efforts to provide relief for Filipinos while keeping the safety and health of its employees.

SMC’s total COVID-19 response has reached well over P13 billion to date, including donations of food, life-saving medical equipment such as RT-PCR testing machines and testing kits, fully-automated RNA extraction machines, high-flow cannula respiratory machines, personal protective equipment (PPE), among others. It has also launched major initiatives to help various sectors of society, including farmers and the urban poor.

Ang appealed to his friends and colleagues in the business community, "Our country needs us now more than ever. Our economy is down, our businesses are suffering... Filipinos are suffering. If there’s anything you can do to help, or make the situation of our people better, please do so,” said Ang.

He also expressed hope that other big business would continue to help the economy by investing more and going “all in” for the country, because “we cannot afford our country to fail.”

He cited SMC’s upcoming major investments, in particular, its New Manila International Airport project in Bulacan, which is expected to generate millions of direct and indirect jobs, and pump the single-largest investment in history -- P734 billion -- into the Philippine economy.

Likewise, he expressed confidence that the Philippines would recover. “By the time this airport is complete, this pandemic would have been far behind us. It will be a new world, with new realities. But it would be one where we all have a better fighting chance, because of our efforts today,” he said.

In closing, Ang’s words of inspiration were, “The Philippines will be better and stronger. Let’s make the sacrifices of so many Filipinos today count—by doing our part in building a better future.”

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