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The country's MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) need to push the envelope in their social media marketing to ensure their continued operation and thereby continue to absorb the unemployed that include the repatriated OFWs and the seafarers who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was stressed by marketing whiz Ardee Urbina who is pushing for a social enterprise project that would involve the gainful employment of the OFWs and seafarers who lost their jobs when their employers stopped operations due to the devastating effect of the pandemic.

Urbina is now fine-tuning the social enterprise project even as he helps on the social media marketing of Obra Ilonggo, an advocacy project that buys the products of women micro entrepreneurs from Panay and Guimaras ranging from hablon woven products to handcrafted items that show the Ilonggo culture.

Obra Ilonggo, which selects products from the hinterlands and other far-flung areas, inject new features in the end-product by way of tweaking the design, to ensure the product's marketability.

Headed by Ms. Frannie Golez, Obra Ilonggo launched this week its product offering with support from SM, among other big outlets. The launch was made online indicating the breadth of a social media marketing push.

Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez had been advocating for the use of social media as well as the manufacture of local products with new designs to ensure their marketability for MSMEs which account for up to five million in employees nationwide.

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