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SUEZ And Maynilad Team Up To Clean Manila Bay

SUEZ and Maynilad Water Services have joined forces to spearhead a major wastewater treatment project in a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at addressing one of the Philippines' most pressing environmental challenges.

SUEZ and Maynilad Water Services collaborate on a transformative wastewater treatment project to rehabilitate Manila Bay, aiming to reduce pollution and improve quality of life for nearby residents. This innovative initiative is expected to benefit around 1 million people and ensure cleaner waterways in the region.

Following a competitive bidding process, SUEZ, a global leader in water and waste services, will work alongside Maynilad, the largest private water concessionaire in the Philippines, to rehabilitate Manila Bay, significantly reducing water pollution and improving the quality of life for residents in surrounding areas.

Manila Bay, a vital economic hub for the country, has suffered from years of pollution due to untreated sewage discharge and accumulation.

This project, supported by the Philippine Government, aims to tackle this environmental issue through the construction of the Central Manila Sewerage System (CMSS) Water Reclamation Facility, a 180-million-liter-per-day treatment plant located in the port area of Manila.

This facility is designed to comply with the Philippines' Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) effluent regulations, which align with European Union standards, ensuring that the treated wastewater is safe and environmentally friendly.

Ramoncito Fernandez, President and CEO of Maynilad, expressed enthusiasm for the project, stating, "The Central Manila Sewerage System is one of the major projects that Maynilad is pursuing in line with its commitment to help rehabilitate and protect Manila Bay. Through this monumental undertaking, we aim to enhance quality of life by ensuring cleaner waterways and healthier communities."

Sabrina Soussan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SUEZ, highlighted the significance of this contract, saying, "The future Central Manila Sewerage System project demonstrates our expertise in preserving water resources through innovative and resilient technologies. I am grateful to Maynilad for entrusting us with this mission to enable them to drive the ecological transformation."

The CMSS project will leverage SUEZ's innovative Cyclor Turbo technology, which provides compact, robust, and energy-efficient treatment solutions. This technology will enable the facility to operate within a limited space, saving land and reducing its overall environmental footprint.

In addition to the new treatment plant, SUEZ will rehabilitate the decades-old Tondo Sewage Pumping Plant, and a conveyance system will be constructed to transport raw wastewater from customers to the treatment facility.

The project, launched in January 2024, is expected to be commissioned by 2027. It aims to improve the lives of approximately 1 million people across a 2,820-hectare area, with a positive impact on nearby Laguna Lake, a crucial source of drinking water for millions in the region.

With a rich history in the Philippines since 1978 and a broader 70-year presence in Southeast Asia, SUEZ has a track record of driving environmental innovation.

This latest venture with Maynilad underscores SUEZ's commitment to environmental stewardship and its mission to help communities thrive by addressing critical ecological issues.


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