The Associated Press (AP) has speculated that the Supreme Court (SC) appears likely to reject the claim of US President Trump’s that he has absolute immunity and that his tax records, which he had promised to release in 2016, must not be revealed to the House of Representatives as well as the Southern District of New York.

In a report, Mark Sherman wrote on May 13, 2020 that the High Court “on Tuesday appeared likely to reject President Donald Trump’s claim that he is immune from criminal investigation while in office. But the court seemed less clear about exactly how to handle subpoena from Congress and the Manhattan district attorney for Trump’s tax, bank and financial records.”

The court’s major clash over presidential accountability could affect the 2020 presidential campaign especially if a high court ruling leads to the release of personal financial information before Election Day.

“The justices heard arguments in two cases by telephone Tuesday that stretched into the early afternoon. The court, which includes six justices age 65 or older, has been meeting by phone because of the coronavirus pandemic,” Sherman added. “There was no apparent consensus about whether to ratify lower court rulings that the subpoena issued by the House of Representatives to Trump’s accountant and banks are valid and should be enforced. The justices will meet by phone before the end of the week to take a preliminary vote on how those cases should come out, and decisions are expected by early summer.”

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