• Maria Elena Gonzalez

Top Tech Skills to Land a Job in Finance

Updated: Jul 14

The finance industry is huge, and by 2022, the financial services market is expected to reach $26.5 trillion, while the fintech sector is expected to grow to $309.98 billion at an annual growth rate of 24.8%.

This means there will be many opportunities for starting tech professionals to enter the finance industry. Learn a tech skill, with an online coding boot camp, that will change your future and get you the job of your dreams. These are the tech skills that are thriving this year.


Cybersecurity specialists or engineers are in charge of protecting a system from malicious attacks. They analyze a system to identify weak points and rectify them. They create programs that protect enterprise data. Governments are one of the institutions that most need cybersecurity protocols, they manage crucial data that cannot be vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Also, the finance industry is the second, if not the first, to suffer from relentless cyberattacks. Financial institutions are the ones that handle money and have to make sure data is protected. Because of this, learning cybersecurity will be an excellent option to land a job in finance. If you already know a programming language, like C++ or Python, your knowledge will boost you in the right direction.

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A good online boot camp to learn data protection from is Flatiron School’s cybersecurity analytics course. Its curriculum will prepare you to handle rapidly advancing threats. You’ll set traps and catch threat actors with its real-world lab environments paired with an industry-grade curriculum. Flatiron School’s graduates have an average salary of $74K and it offers many financing options like ISA, deferred tuition, upfront payments, monthly installments, and loans.

Data Science

Data scientists create software that analyzes large amounts of data through algorithms to see patterns on millions of data in seconds. Big data is nothing without a data scientist to extract valuable insights. One of the main applications of data science in the finance industry is risk analytics. With risk management tools companies can make decisions and secure the future of their business.

They can know where and when the time is right to invest, approve loans to certain clients, analyze customer profiles for insurance, and more. Another role of data science in the sector is to design software for fraud detections, which could end up saving the company millions of dollars.

Lambda School offers a six-month full-time online data science course that’s free until you get a job making at least $50,000 per year. Its curriculum covers the following topics and more: statistics, linear algebra, regression, data visualization, principal components analysis, neural networks, deep learning, and more. This school mostly offers ISA as a financing option, but you can also make upfront payments.


AR/VR technology has had a slow development throughout the years, but the field is gaining ground. Many smartphones, for example, can turn into a VR/AR device. AR stands for augmented reality and it’s when digital elements are added to real-life view generally through a camera, like in the Pokemon Go app.

Virtual reality (VR), on the other hand, means a complete immersion into a digital world. This could change the finance industry. A company called CYBER II made a study by comparing trade transactions made with AR and VR to normal website transactions. They create a digital person for the user to trade with. They found people were more likely to invest because the experience felt more real than by trading on a computer.

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Another application of VR in finance is monitoring multiple stock trades in real-time. Traders have to pay attention to many stocks at a time, but with computers, they have limited screen space. This will change with VR.

You can learn virtual reality development with the Game Art Institute. The tracks include courses in character artist, environment artist, game programming, and AR/VR development. The institute offers the option of upfront payments or loan financing.

In Summary

The finance industry is one of the biggest in the United States, which means many job openings. Even now with the pandemic, people keep buying cars, insurance, homes, and so on.

By learning one of these skills, cybersecurity, data science, or VR/AR development, you will make sure to find a job in this sector or any other. These skills are thriving right now and there aren’t many experts. Enroll now and you will probably have a high-paying tech job by the end of the year.


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