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Trial Of Anti-Xi Jinping Business Man Sun Dawu Starts

A trial began Thursday in China's northern province of Hebei against Sun Dawu, an outspoken Chinese anti-government businessman who has been prosecuted for crimes including fomenting unrest, sources familiar with the matter said, Kyodo News reported.

The move comes as the leadership of President Xi Jinping has been strengthening surveillance on big private companies, which have been recently growing and could threaten the maintenance of the Communist Party's rule in the future.

The Dawu Group, led by Sun, is a major firm that has around 9,000 employees and 28 affiliated enterprises. They are engaged in such businesses as poultry farming, food manufacturing and tourism.

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The workers and their families can use the company's education, medical and nursing care services at low prices, as Sun has pursued the ideal of socialism through economic activities.

Sun has clandestinely supported pro-democracy activists who have been persecuted by the authorities, such as employing them, while often urging the Communist-led government to improve its current agricultural policies. In November 2020, local security authorities suddenly started to charge about 30 people involving Sun and his family members.

Along with them, executives of Sun's group were prosecuted in May on suspicion of several crimes. Prosecutors may request a "25-year prison sentence" for Sun, one of the sources said.


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