Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not visit Washington with Mexico’s president this week to celebrate a new North American trade deal, his office said Monday, after Canada raised concerns over potential US aluminum tariffs.

In a Monday morning phone call, Trudeau told Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador he hoped the talks with US President Donald Trump would be successful. Mexico exports 40% of its products to the US and is a key supplier of auto parts for US car manufacturers, the Associated Press (AP) also reported. 

Lopez Obrador, who had urged Trudeau to join him, is due to meet Trump at the White House on Wednesday on his first trip outside of Mexico since taking office 19 months ago.

Trudeau will be attending Cabinet meetings and a sitting of parliament in Ottawa, his office said in a statement on Monday. “We wish the United States and Mexico well at Wednesday’s meeting,” the statement said. Trudeau last week said he was not sure about attending, citing tensions over possible US tariffs on Canadian aluminum. Trudeau also flagged concerns over the novel coronavirus. In their call, Trudeau “expressed regret” to Lopez Obrador that he could not go to Washington, Trudeau’s office said.