US President Donald Trump has led the charge to defang Voice of America (VOA), one of the ubiquitous propaganda arm during the Cold War, and replace its head with a filmmaker whom Democrats suspect would be Trump’s Goebbels.

Trump, without proof as usual, have accused the outlet of “disgraceful” reporting and are now pushing hard to install their choice to run the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) that runs government agency that oversees VOA and its affiliates Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Cuba-focused Radio Marti.

Democrats, said Matthew Lee in a story for the Associated Press (AP), fear that Trump’s candidate, conservative filmmaker Michael Pack, could turn the organization into a Trump propaganda machine funded with more than $200 million a year in taxpayer money. It is known far and wide that Trump wants to control a media outlet.

“All of this is a distraction from what I think is a legitimate debate about what its role should be,” said Tom Kent, a former AP editor who went on to head Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. “It needs to be clear whether VOA’s role is to advocate for democracy and American values in general or whether it is supposed to be a PR agent for the president and the State Department on current issues.”