• By The Financial District


President Trump hosted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel at the White House on Tuesday along with the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain for the signing of new diplomatic accords between the countries.

The New York Times said that while many analysts give Mr. Trump some credit for helping to broker the agreements, they called the talk of peace overblown. Israel, they said, has long been moving into a de facto alliance with the Sunni Arab states of the Persian Gulf, in common cause against Shiite Iran.

The agreements, known as the Abraham Accords, will normalize diplomatic relations between Israel and the U.A.E. and Bahrain, including the establishment of embassies.

The leaders of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates have a stake in Mr. Trump’s re-election in November. “One has to assume this is being driven by Donald Trump’s political agenda, and interest in putting points on the board in advance of the election,” said Halie Soifer, the executive director of the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

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