After several convictions and the conclusion by the Mueller investigative team that the Trump campaign in 2016 enjoyed Russian backing, US President Trump is trying to resurrect what he had tagged as a Russia “scam” and seeks to pin down presumptive US Democratic presidential nominee as one of those responsible for unjust prosecution of his national security adviser Michael Flynn, who had admitted lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents and is set to be sentenced.

In a report for the Associated Press (AP) on May 14, 2020, reporters Erick Tucker and Jonathan Lemire said Trump’s newly-appointed director of national intelligence declassified intelligence information to try to place senior Obama administration officials under scrutiny for routine actions, particularly former Vice President Joe Biden.

“The effort has been aided by a Justice Department decision to dismiss its prosecution of former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn, an action that rewrites the narrative of the case in a way that former federal law enforcement officials say downplays the legitimate national security concerns they believe Flynn’s actions raised and the consequences of the lies he pleaded guilty to telling,” Tucker and Lemire said.

The dismissal decision comes as Trump and his Republican allies push to reframe the Russia investigation as a “deep state” plot to sabotage his administration, setting the stage for a fresh onslaught of attacks on past and present Democratic officials and law enforcement leaders. “Biden and the other officials had full authority to seek the name of the unidentified American in the reports — it turned out to be Flynn — and did so through proper channels, according to Trump administration documents. Rather than reveal any actual wrongdoing, the release of the information by the President’s allies seems designed to create suspicion around Biden and other senior Democrats as the November election approaches,” Tucker and Lemire wrote.

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