• By The Financial District


US President Donald Trump has ousted his campaign manager, as polls show a sharp decline in his support among the electorate with just more than three months to go until the election, the Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) reported on July 16, 2020.

Brad Parscale, the Trump re-election campaign's long-time manager, was demoted and Bill Stepien, a Republican operative who has ties to Trump going back to 2016, was moved up. Stepien was fired once by former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, the nemesis of Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. Parscale will remain in charge of digital and data strategies, as a senior advisor to the campaign, Trump said over social media posts. 

The most recent major survey, by Quinnipiac University, showed former vice president Joe Biden, a Democrat, ahead of Trump 52 to 37 in national polling. Other polls have shown Trump, a Republican, trailing Biden in key battleground states he must win to remain president. The Quinnipiac poll had alarming data for Trump, showing him behind Biden even on the economy, which had long been his strongest point. Voters gave the president a negative 35-62 percent approval rating on his coronavirus response. Only 39 per cent of likely voters said Trump cares about the "average American," while for Biden 59 per cent of respondents answered in the positive. 

Parscale’s sacking was viewed by Trump’s Republican critics as changing horses in midstream, with Amanda Carpenter telling CNN the problem is Trump himself while Rick Wilson, who is with the Lincoln Project, explained in Raw Story that the product, Trump himself, is defective that no amount of repair could fix it. Other claimed Trump’s ignorance of statecraft and the mismanagement of the COVID pandemic have exposed Trump to be unqualified to handle a lemonade stand.