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US President Donald Trump at his first debate with Joe Biden said India and China do not accurately disclose numbers on COVID-19 deaths. Trump was responding to moderator Chris Wallace's question on why Americans should trust him more than his opponent Joe Biden to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, The Week magazine reported.

“When you talk about numbers, you don’t know how many people died in China. You don’t know the deaths in Russia or in India… they don’t exactly give you a straight count, just so you understand,” Trump said to Biden after the latter mentioned that the US has more than seven million cases and over 200,000 deaths due to COVID-19. The country is leading currently in COVID-19 numbers. Trump also told Biden that the Trump administration did a good job at handling the pandemic, “By closing the country early, we saved thousands of lives… If it was left to you, millions of people would have died. You could have never have done the job we did. You don’t have the blood to do the job.”

Indian experts said Trump was dragging India into the debate to make himself look good.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that Trump had no plan to combat the pandemic. “The President has no plan. He knew in February how serious this crisis was, but what did he do? I laid out in March what we should be doing, and did so again in July. We should we providing funds to people so they can get the help they need,” Biden said.

“Among the deaths registered under the civil registration system, only 22% are medically certified nationally with the cause of death”. Rijo John, public health policy analyst and senior fellow at the Centre for Public Policy Research in Kerala, said some under-reporting is happening. He told The Lancet that “while it is true that only 21% of all deaths are medically certified in India, we should not forget that more than 65% of the total COVID-19 deaths reported in India so far are from just four states, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Delhi. In all these states, the death registration is 100 per cent.”

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