In a hilarious twist, US President Donald Trump is said to be edging toward a belated call for national unity after tagging peaceful protesters calling for justice for George Floyd as “leftists” and “lawless,” antifa and anarchists, Stephen Collinson wrote for CNN late on June 8, 2020.

But after spending two weeks ripping at racial wounds and painting a picture of a nation under siege from looters, domestic terrorists and radicals, Trump may have already missed his chance, Collinson argued.

By any standard, Trump is coming off a disastrous political week, but aides told CNN on Sunday that the White House is considering the possibility of a national address to turn things around. His attempt to contain the political damage comes as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden heads to Houston, Texas on Monday to privately pay his respects to the family of George Floyd while clearly positioning his 2020 campaign in the slipstream of the anti-racism protests.

But any effort by Trump to address racial issues and police brutality in the wake of the death of Floyd with a police officer's knee on his neck is likely to face a huge credibility test given his own recent conduct, a long history of using racial rhetoric to advance his political career -- and his habit of undermining scripted speeches with his own inflammatory asides and tweets.

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