US President's philosophy of "America First" has shifted to "America Only," former US Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Elaine C. Duke claimed as she revealed that President Donald Trump suggested selling Puerto Rico to avoid the US from having the burden of helping it recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

"In the face of the devastation in Puerto Rico Island, Trump thought like a businessman. He asked if it was possible to 'sell the island or outsource the electricity,'" Duke said in an interview published by the New York Times on Sunday.

She added that the idea of selling the Caribbean island was never seriously considered or discussed by administration officials, after Trump made that suggestion. Trump also asked Denmark if Greenland is for sale and entertained the idea of buying the sparsely-populated island. Copenhagen brushed aside Trump, telling him tersely that not a square inch of Denmark is being sold off, teleSUR reported on July 13, 2020.

The former DHS secretary served in Trump's Administration in 2017, the year when a wave of hurricanes hit Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Duke was at DHS when Trump made his first moves against immigrants, including imposing a travel ban on most Muslim countries, limiting the entry of refugees, blocking people fearing persecution from gaining asylum, and ordering an end to the Deferred Action for Children (DACA) program.