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Columnist Patrick Cockbrun of The Independent has argued that Joe Biden and the entire Democratic Party should snatch the patriotic card from President Donald Trump’s tiny hand and tag him simply as the enemy of the United States.

In his September 5, 2020 column, Cockburn explained that there should be no let up on attacking Trump as the principal enemy of 330 million Americans and stressed it was completely out of whack to be on the defensive against him since he trots out lie-after-lie every half-a-second, and as a media creature, he is only after grabbing attention and dominating the news cycle. The truth is irrelevant to him. Ridicule, as the late Saul Alinsky said, is man’s best weapon, which is why Anthony Scaramucci’s blasts against Trump unsettle him and force him to commit grievous errors.

“Trump says something outrageous and often untrue, such as claiming that the drearily establishment Joe Biden is a radical socialist hand-in-glove with rioters and looters. The charge is attention-grabbing and guaranteed to dominate the news agenda, while Biden is forced onto the political back foot as he rebuts the charge. He is lured onto political terrain favorable to Trump where the focus is on racial fears and hatreds and attention is diverted away from Trump’s calamitous handling of the coronavirus pandemic,” Cockburn pointed out.

“Trumpian regimes (though many predate Trump) have been able to monopolize patriotism at a time when the nation state remains the primary focus of communal loyalty within countries. They have been able to pose successfully as patriotic saviors of the nation, despite doing untold damage to their countries because their opponents have let them do so. Nationalism, which can be good or bad, is the glue that binds together the disparate coalitions of interests that back Trump-type regimes. Effective opposition to them must also hold together a loose coalition of powerful but divergent forces by seizing back the patriotic card and portraying the Trumpians as the true enemies of the nation,” he concluded.

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