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The publication of a tell-all from the US President's niece is the latest in a long line of bitter - and entertaining - family feuds, according to a written report from BBC.com written by John Self.

“All families,” wrote Alan Bennett, “have a secret: they’re not like other families.” And they certainly don’t like it when someone shares those secrets.

Mary Trump recently became one of the fastest-selling authors of all time when Too Much and Never Enough, her book about the family that really is unlike any other – the Trumps – sold nearly 1 million copies in its first day.

Here was the sort of exhilarating literary drug that comes along rarely: an excavation by a clinical psychologist of the personality of US President Donald Trump, and how he was twisted into shape by a loveless father reigning over a toxic family.

The Trumps sued Mary – unsuccessfully – to prevent publication, saying she had signed a non-disclosure agreement at an earlier court case; but the judge rejected this argument. Now the world can read her colourful allegations, including that Trump paid someone else to take his college admission test, that he attempted to swindle inheritance money away from his siblings and – it’s the small details that speak loudest – that Trump and his ex-wife Ivana once regifted Mary a Christmas present of a hamper of food: with the tin of caviar taken out first.

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