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Members of the US armed services have dumped President Donald Trump, with Military Times reporting that a new poll among US troops showed they are dumping Trump, unlike in 2016, Niall McCarthy of Statista stressed.

McCarthy revealed on September 2, 2020 that the survey was conducted between July 27 and August 10, 2020 among 1,018 active-duty service members and noted a drastic reduction in Trump’s support in the armed services. The survey showed Trump has experienced a continuous decline in support from service members since his election in 2016.

“In the year he took office, 46.1 percent of service members viewed President Trump as favorable and that slid to 37.8 percent by August of this year. The research found that 49.9 percent of respondents held a negative view of the president in 2019 and 2020,” McCarthy wrote.

“Compared to a similar poll conducted in 2016, Trump is heading into the November election without a healthy lead among service members. In October 2016, he held 40.5 percent of voting intention among military ranks, far ahead of Hillary Clinton's 20.6 percent. Fast-forward to August 2020 and Joe Biden is the most popular candidate with 41.3 percent of service members intending to vote for him this November compared to 37.4 percent who say they will vote for Trump,” he concluded.

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