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Analyst Bob Cesca has squashed President Donald Trump’s claim that the worst states and cities in the United States are run by Republicans and told him bluntly that he really wants to secede from the union by being president only to those who admire him for whatever reason.

Writing for Salon on September 15, 2020, Cesca said “Make no mistake: Trump appears to be deliberately marginalizing himself by repeatedly insisting that he’s not responsible for certain states and cities, despite technically being the president of the entire United States.”

Ceska said the states with the highest poverty rates are Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, West Virginia and Alabama. Only New Mexico is run by a Democrat and the rest are solidly Republican. The least educated states are Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama. All Trump states, and all but one controlled by Republican governors. The states with the most violent crime per 100,000 residents are Alaska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arkansas and Nevada. Three of the five are Trump states governed by Republicans. The states most dependent on federal handouts are Nevada, Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia and Montana. Trump carried four out of five in 2016 and three have Republican governors.

“So these are mostly Trump-Republican states, and if he wants all this on his record, I’m OK with that. After all, he’s rejecting wealthier, better-educated states as ‘Democrat-run.’ It’s also germane to note that among large cities, the two ‘most dangerous’ cities in America per 100,000 residents are Springfield, Missouri and Spokane, Washington — each run by a Republican mayor,” Cesca concluded.

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