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10,000 Russian Troops Killed, Moscow Paper Reports, Then Deletes Story

Ukraine said it retook Makariv, a strategic suburb of Kyiv on Tuesday, as Russian forces squeezed other areas near the capital and pressed their attack on the embattled southern port of Mariupol while a Moscow daily reported nearly 10,000 soldiers dead, then deleted the story, Nebi Qena and Cara Anna reported for the Associated Press (AP).

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Residents sheltered at home or underground under a 35-hour curfew imposed by city authorities that runs to Wednesday morning while Russian forces also continued their siege of Mariupol after the southern port city’s defenders refused demands to surrender, with fleeing civilians describing relentless bombardments and corpses lying in the streets.

Kremlin’s ground offensive either inched slowly or dug in as lethal hit-and-run attacks by the Ukrainians destroyed scores of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery units, and multiple rocket launchers.

Early Tuesday, Ukrainian troops drove Russian forces out of the Kyiv suburb of Makariv after a fierce battle, Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said. The regained territory allowed Ukrainian forces to retake control of a key highway and block Russian troops from surrounding Kyiv from the northwest.

Still, the Defense Ministry said Russian forces were able to partially take other northwest suburbs like Bucha, Hostomel, and Irpin, which had been under attack since Feb. 24.

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Russia’s invasion has driven more than 10 million people from their homes, almost a quarter of Ukraine’s pre-war population, according to the United Nations. The UN has confirmed 953 civilian deaths while saying the real toll is probably much higher.

Estimates of Russian military casualties in the grinding war have been hard to come by and vary, but even conservative figures by Western officials are in the low thousands. Russia has not given an update since it said March 2 that 498 soldiers had been killed in action in Ukraine.

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Russia’s pro-Kremlin Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, citing the Defense Ministry, briefly reported Monday that almost 10,000 Russian soldiers had been killed. The report was quickly removed, and newspaper blamed hackers. The Kremlin refused to comment on Tuesday.

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