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More than 30,000 regular employees of the Aboitiz Group, as well as its subcontractors, will get inoculated with AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines which were brought into the country under a tripartite agreement "A Dose of Hope."

Aboitiz Group president and CEO Sabin Aboitiz announced the vaccination program aimed at building the community's immunity especially in ensuring "our team members' health and safety."

This is "our number one priority, " Aboitiz said, adding that even before the vaccines arrive, we have been planning for the efficient distribution of vaccines for our team members and subcontractors, in adherence to government guidelines to ensure an effective deployment program.”

The Aboitiz Group, which has already contributed over PHP2.2 billion to the country’s COVID-19 response effort, was among the first 30 private companies to sign a deal with the national government and AstraZeneca under the private sector-led, 'A Dose of Hope’ program.

It is a tripartite initiative among the private sector, the government, and British drugmaker AstraZeneca, in support of the national immunization program.

Aligned with the Philippine government strategy on vaccine rollout, availing Aboitiz team members and subcontractors shall be vaccinated in batches, prioritizing front-liners, senior citizens, and those with comorbidities, then the rest of the population.

Meanwhile, in the ASEAN region and other countries, Aboitiz team member vaccinations will be driven by various country governments where Aboitiz operates (particularly the Food Group), namely Singapore, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Brunei.

A vaccinated workforce will allow the Aboitiz Group to lead and significantly contribute to keeping the economy thriving under a better normal.

“The way we lead our organization will determine the future of everyone who depends on us. We supply close to 20 percent of the country’s power and distribute electricity to major cities across the regions; we supply our partners in food that provide close to 20 percent of the flour and feeds for the bread and pork we eat; we produce close to 20 percent of the cement used in building our country,” Aboitiz said.

The Aboitiz banking and financial services, infrastructure, and land also play pivotal roles in helping rebuild the economy.

“Our business unit in banking plays a major role in leading the digitalization of the industry, and our land and infrastructure teams are headed towards the 20 percent number. So, it is safe to say that close to 20 percent of the country is relying on us,” Aboitiz added.


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