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60 Chinese Warplanes Enter Taiwan Zone

Nearly 60 Chinese warplanes have entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone over two days, including 38 on Friday, a one-day record since the self-governed island began disclosing relevant information in September, according to the Defense Ministry.

Photo Insert: Chinese fighter jets in formation

Kyodo News reported that a total of 20 Chinese military planes, such as fighter jets and bombers, entered the area on Saturday, it said.

On Friday, 25 aircraft crossed into the zone in the daytime, and 13 at night. Some flew to an area off Taiwan's eastern shore after crossing the Bashi Channel, which separates Taiwan from the Philippines, according to the ministry.

Taiwanese military planes were scrambled in response on both days to warn the Chinese aircraft away.

"Oct. 1 wasn't a good day," Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu tweeted.

"The #PLAAF flew 38 warplanes into #Taiwan's ADIZ, making it the largest number of daily sorties on record. Threatening? Of course." PLAAF stands for the People's Liberation Army Air Force.

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