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A Stylish And Sophisticated Delivery By C3STROM's Super-Fast ASTRO e-Bike

The ASTRO is an e-bike belonging to the CLASS 3 of e-bikes, which have a higher speed than ordinary models, PR Newswire reported.

Photo Insert: The ASTRO PRO

It has been designed with a special emphasis on innovative aesthetics; it subverts the conventional design of e-bikes, As can be seen from the impressive illustrations showcasing the design process below, taken from the company's Instagram page, the ASTRO is a far cry from conventional e-bikes.

The e-bike is rapidly becoming a very important fashion item, a must-have chic accessory to be donned by contemporary city commuters and urban explorers alike. As the image below of the man traversing through the urban jungle illustrates, the ASTRO is the perfect accessory for navigating the modern city.

With ASTRO, the e-bike is no longer that unusual, quirky little gadget — the preserve of Eco-conscious eccentrics. It is an elegant addition to one's style in its own right.

Notably, C3STROM didn't have to sacrifice professionalism with this emphasis on first-class exterior design. Rather, the ASTRO is like a brilliant all-rounder, performing well in all categories — it truly achieves the goal of providing city riders with maximum versatility. This unique combination of style and practicality makes it a powerful new competitor to the traditional car.

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The following is a part of the configuration parameter table released by C3STROM:

A close inspection of the parameter table reveals that ASTRO PRO's configuration is outstanding.

The C3STROM team considered common pain points of city riders when selecting the components for ASTRO PRO. It is equipped with a 1040Wh long-life battery, using the latest Samsung 21700 cell, which ideally delivers a staggering 78 miles riding range. In addition, ASTRO PRO has developed a 4A fast charger to achieve quicker charging — it only takes 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery.

The lighting system resembles that of a car, with ultra-bright headlights, making the bike very safe to ride in all conditions. All in all, this means that a lot of the understandable concerns of traditional bicycle owners about e-bikes have been well addressed by the company and should not cause any serious concerns for ASTRO's prospective customers.

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The C3STROM team has been working hard to keep the riders and their needs in mind during the design of ASTRO. The bike's size is suitable for the height of most riders and allows for comfortable riding.

What's more, two different riding modes can be accessed through the app: the Class 3 standard mode (28 mph) and the Off-road mode (32 mph). It feels very smooth and comfortable when riding at 32 mph.

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For this reason, the engineers have carried out many adjustments to meet the rider's need for comfort and speed. It has a USB port for charging the smartphone at any time. With the app, you can also view vehicle information, monitor battery usage, report any faults, and record the routes you have used throughout the day. Truly, the ASTRO is more than just an e-bike.

The C3STROM team will launch crowdfunding on Indiegogo in the second quarter of 2022, which means that the first batch of customers can buy at an early bird price. The company has promised a specific delivery date before summer.

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On Indiegogo, the company will offer a special ASTRO at a lower price of $1699 to celebrate the launch of crowdfunding, along with the ASTRO PRO at $1899. When the product is officially released later, only the ASTRO PRO will be available to buy at $2699.

It is also reported that the C3STROM team has confirmed the direction of its second-generation of products. The team welcomes e-bike enthusiasts to contribute ideas for this upcoming bike model.

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