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AboitizPower Enhances MobileAP Experience With Digital Payments

Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower), the fastest growing electricity provider in the Philippines, has taken a significant stride towards enhancing its services and embracing digitalization.

Photo Insert: Customers of AboitizPower's electricity distribution subsidiaries can now enjoy seamless digital payments and enhanced convenience with the integration of digital services in the MobileAP.

The company's electricity distribution subsidiaries have partnered with UnionBank of the Philippines affiliate UBX Philippines Corporation (UBX) to integrate digital payments into their mobile application, MobileAP, transforming it into a one-stop app powered by the innovative BUx platform.

With this groundbreaking collaboration, select AboitizPower energy distributors, including the Visayan Electric Company, Davao Light and Power Company, Cotabato Light and Power Company, and the Subic and Lima EnerZones, will now offer their customers unprecedented convenience and efficiency.

MobileAP users on both Apple iOS and Android platforms can now harness the power of digital payments, making online bank payments and transfers directly through the app.

Arnold Villanueva, AP Distribution Utilities Assistant Vice President and Bills-to-Cash Head, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Our subscribers can do everything from getting updates about our services, to checking their billing information, to bill payment, thanks to MobileAP and UBX. Aside from improving their convenience, we build upon our customers' trust by providing them with timely and transparent information."

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Through MobileAP's newly integrated BUx platform, customers can now effortlessly manage their electricity accounts. They gain access to a wide range of features, including real-time updates and notifications of credited funds, a merchant dashboard for seamless transaction tracking, and the ability to view and monitor their account history for the past 12 months, including power consumption, costs, and payment records.

Furthermore, customers can conveniently download PDF copies of their records, register and manage multiple accounts within a single app, eliminating the need for physical visits to service centers or relying on traditional mail.

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By embracing the digitalization of essential functions, AboitizPower saves customers invaluable time and effort. The integration of digital payments marks a significant milestone in providing efficient and user-friendly services while fostering greater transparency and customer satisfaction.

The partnership between AboitizPower and UBX exemplifies the synergy between the energy and banking sectors, furthering the nation's economic growth and personal development.

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By integrating technology and leveraging digital solutions, both industries contribute to a more efficient and prosperous future for the Philippines.

AboitizPower, renowned for its commitment to sustainable energy solutions, aims to provide reliable power at reasonable prices while minimizing the environmental impact. With a diverse portfolio of power generation, distribution, and retail electricity services, AboitizPower is taking a leading role in the Philippines' energy sector.

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Meanwhile, UBX Philippines Corporation is the country's leading open finance platform, facilitating secure sharing, accessing, and reusing of financial data to enable a wide range of seamless financial services.

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