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After Being Proven Wrong, Musk Fires Staff Via Tweet

Elon Musk has publicly clashed with Twitter employees about the state of the platform and fired at least one of them in a tweet, an unusually visible sign of corporate chaos after his $44 billion takeover of the influential company, Clare Duffy, Oliver Darcy and Donnie O’Sullivan reported for CNN Business.

Photo Insert: At least one other employee who chimed in offering context on the issue had also been fired as of Tuesday morning.

Musk on Monday got into a dispute with software engineer Eric Frohnhoefer on Twitter that ended with the billionaire tweeting “he’s fired,” and Frohnhoefer confirming he’d lost access to Twitter’s internal systems.

The public termination came after Frohnhoefer tweeted evidence suggesting that Musk was “wrong” about his claims that Twitter was running, in the billionaire’s words, “super slow” in various countries.

Frohnhoefer told CNN Monday night that he found out about the firing when a friend sent him Musk’s tweet and said that “no one even reached out to me from Twitter.” Frohnhoefer added that he had been “willing to give it a try” under Musk and described himself as “in the wait-and-see camp,” but that “everything that has been reported is true.”

He described working for Musk as a “total sh*t show” and the current state of affairs as pure “chaos.” Twitter is now being run by engineers from Tesla and SpaceX and Musk’s cronies.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

At least one other employee who chimed in offering context on the issue had also been fired as of Tuesday morning, according to a tweet by that employee.

A handful of Twitter employees said Tuesday on the platform that they were fired by an email that said their “behavior has violated company policy,” with some speculating that the move may have been a reaction to comments they made in internal Slack channels.

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In response to a tweet about news of the firings Tuesday, the haughty, onion-skinned Musk said “I would like to apologize for firing these geniuses. Their immense talent will no doubt be of great use elsewhere.”

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