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Disturbing odors, annoying pollen, and now virus-laden aerosols: drivers value clean air inside their car more than ever, especially since the beginning of the pandemic.

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The car industry has long since picked up on this trend and is coming up with more and more elaborate air-conditioning systems. Mercedes’ new electric model EQS, for example, has an innovative air conditioner in the front, in a space occupied by the engine in conventional cars.

Here, the manufacturer has installed a so-called Hepa filter that provides clinical air quality like in an operating room, according to Mercedes, Thomas Geiger reported for Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa).

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The EQS boot has a volume of 610 to 1,770 liters, more than any other Mercedes S-Class model and more than enough to make up for the lost storage space in the front. However, the placement also shows the importance now attributed to air conditioning.

"While this was initially a very big issue in Asia in particular, it has also become a top priority in the rest of the world since the coronavirus at the latest," says Mercedes' Christoph Starzynski, justifying the installation of a filter that is larger than a crate of beer and separates 99.65 percent of particles of all sizes on a surface the size of 150 football fields.

But Mercedes isn’t the only manufacturer that has ramped up the fight against dirty air. For years, developers were concerned with the perfect distribution of air flows in the car and the most individualized comfort zones possible for each occupant.

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Now it's increasingly become about purity: modern air-conditioning systems detect air quality and automatically activate recirculation mode, they ionize the airflow to eliminate odors, and they are now filtering out ever smaller particles as well.

British manufacturer Rolls-Royce, for example, claims it has installed the first automatic climate control system with a nanoparticle filter in its new Ghost model last year, a system that since this spring has also been available for some luxury models at BMW.


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