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ASM Global's Coca-Cola Music Hall Marks First Anniversary

This week marks the one-year anniversary of the opening of one of the most technologically advanced live entertainment venues, which has achieved record audiences and a worldwide box office sales rating.

Photo Insert: The Coca-Cola Music Hall

To date, the Coca-Cola Music Hall has hosted 59 concerts and 43 private events, with a total audience of over 165,000 people.

Ron Bension, President and CEO of ASM Global, said: “Our work at the Coca-Cola Music Hall is an excellent example that the island is ready to foster more meaningful alliances of private companies and government for the development of all sectors. sectors”.

Since its opening, the Coca-Cola Music Hall, with its capacity for 4,200 people, has welcomed artists such as: Ednita Nazario, Caramelos de Cianuro, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico, Stryper, Jesse & Joy, Louis Tomlinson, Gente de Zona, Toño Rosario, Ana Torroja, Camilo, Ilé, Alejandro Fernández, CNCO, Jerry Rivera, Manuel Turizo, Eladio Carrión, Noel Schajris, DJ Nelson & Alberto Stylee, Melendi, Rosario, Nío García, RKM & Ken-Y, Il Divo, Los Tres Pianists, Myriam Hernández, Almost Queen and Barak, among others.

It also hosted the Miss World 2021 International Contest and Daniel's comedy shows "El Travieso" and "Sé lo tuyo!" with Alexandra Fuentes and Raymond Arrieta.

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The three-story theater – one of the industry's first cashless theaters – has the most advanced sound system of any space its size in the world and the most advanced fixed lighting system in Puerto Rico.

The Coca-Cola Music Hall quickly assembled a large team of in-house experts to assist clients with stage, audiovisual and acoustic services, all included as part of the rental fee. Other facilities include ultra-modern suites, dressing rooms, Wi-Fi, ticket office, security, ushers, and cleaning, among other services.

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“On behalf of the entire Coca-Cola Music Hall team, we thank the audience for the support we have received in just one year. We have managed to keep the entertainment industry in Puerto Rico thriving. We have shown the world that we are a world-class facility, and I am confident that we will continue to grow in the years to come,” said Jorge L. Perez, ASM Global's regional manager in Puerto Rico.

Thanks to its strategic location in the T-Mobile DISTRICT, visitors to the Coca-Cola Music Hall can enjoy excellent pre- and post-event experiences. The experience complex is home to several areas, including Popular Plaza, which is an open space with state-of-the-art LED screens, restaurants, the 177-room Aloft San Juan Hotel, Caribbean Cinemas VIP, Toro Verde Urban Park with zip lines, and much more. most.

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“The Coca-Cola Music Hall is a state-of-the-art concert hall that competes with the best international venues and offers locals and visitors a unique experience. The variety and features of its facilities and the public response have been critical to both the success of the venue and DISTRICT T-Mobile as the premier entertainment destination in Puerto Rico,” said Francisco Mariani, General Manager, DISTRICT T-Mobile .

Mariela Vallines, Executive Director, District Authority of the Puerto Rico Convention Center, added: “The Convention District has an ambitious plan to continue improving our facilities and expanding the entertainment offered to our visitors. All our facilities have proved to be ideal for any public or private event. This first anniversary of the Coca-Cola Music Hall shows that we are working right so that Puerto Rico continues to develop not only in the entertainment sector, but also in tourism, gastronomy and other related sectors.”

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With only five months of operation, the Coca-Cola Music Hall closed 2021 at the 31st position in box office sales worldwide (theater category) according to the results of “End of Year” from Pollstar magazine.

“We are very grateful to the artists and producers for choosing the Coca-Cola Music Hall as the ideal place to hold their events and also to our PRISA Group partner and sponsors: Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, JetBlue, Visa, Evertec, Cervecera de Puerto Rico, Destileria Serralles, V. Suarez and Ticketera, our ticketing partner. We are committed to continuing to offer a varied entertainment program in a safe environment. This is an achievement for all of Puerto Rico,” said Perez.

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The public can be part of this great celebration; the Coca-Cola Music Hall will hold several contests. Interested parties can participate as many times as they like and must register at Among the prizes to be drawn are a weekend stay at the Aloft San Juan Hotel located in the T-Mobile DISTRICT, product baskets, and much more.

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