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AVer’s FONE540 Speakerphone Earns Zoom Certification Badge

AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announced today that its FONE540 Speakerphone received official certification from Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

Photo Insert: AVer’s FONE540 Brings Professional Grade Audio to Remote Collaboration Setups

The FONE540 is the latest in a growing collection of AVer audio and video conferencing innovations to pass Zoom’s rigorous certification process, as per a Business Wire report.

Zoom subjected the FONE540 to a variety of stringent laboratory tests to ensure it integrates seamlessly with Zoom’s conferencing platform. The FONE540 emerged from the rigorous testing with Zoom’s official stamp of approval as a third-party Zoom certified audio device.

Zoom users can upgrade from built-in laptop speakers or outdated speakerphones by integrating the FONE540’s professional-grade audio performance in their remote collaboration setups. The FONE540 gives users enterprise-grade audio to run more efficient and productive meetings with crystal clear interactive communication.

“Zoom is pleased to certify AVer’s speakerphone for use in small to medium conference rooms and anywhere else a high-quality speakerphone experience can add value,” said Chris DeNovellis, Hardware Partnerships, Zoom.

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“Zoom Rooms Certified Hardware gives customers reliable products that meet our standards to deliver high-quality, seamless communication experiences."

The FONE540 brings the following features to Zoom video conferences:

  • Flexible connectivity in any room: Users can expand the FONE540 by daisy-chaining additional microphones or up to two extra speakerphones to fit any meeting room types or conference table configuration.

  • Clear communication: The FONE540 offers premium audio quality with the latest technology that filters out disrupting background noises and eliminates frustrating dead spots caused by simultaneous talking.

  • Three-way calling: When a remote third party wants to join the meeting, they can simply call a mobile phone plugged into the FONE540.

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Director of Product Marketing for AVer USA, Carl Harvell said, “Remote working and working from home has become an integral part of business where clear communication is essential. Fully integrating our products with Zoom allows us to provide all users a seamless AV experience that promotes collaboration and improves productivity.”

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