• By The Financial District


The government has confirmed the outbreak of a highly pathogenic avian flu at a chicken farm in western Japan's Kagawa Prefecture, farm minister Kotaro Nogami said, Kyodo news agency reported.

It is the first bird flu outbreak in the country since one in the same prefecture in January 2018, according to the farm ministry. The outbreak was discovered at a chicken farm in Mitoyo, Kagawa Prefecture, after it reported massive chicken deaths in the last few days.

After reporting the outbreak to Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at his office, Nogami told reporters that countermeasures will be taken, including culling affected chickens, beginning Thursday morning.

Suga instructed Cabinet members to closely liaise in taking preventive steps and share information swiftly, while asking poultry farmers to stay alert, according to the prime minister's office. "The government will work as one and take full-blown measures to prevent the spread of infection," said Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato at a Cabinet meeting on the outbreak.