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Belarus Fixing Tanks, Trucks For Russian Invasion Force

Ukraine Daily has reported that Belarus began covert mobilization to fill up existing combat units, with the independent Belarussian publication Nasha Niva claiming that Belarussian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has started to conduct small-scale covert mobilization under the guise of a combat capability test."

Photo Insert: A Russian tank destroyed by the Ukrainian resistance

Nasha Niva cited several unnamed sources as saying "at the first stage, it will not affect large cities – the rural population will be mobilized first."

Belarus has also sent more than 60 tanks and dozens of vehicles to Russia, the Belarusian watchdog Belarusian Hajun reported. Over the past week, Belarus transported at least 67 T-72 tanks and 28 Ural military trucks from its Mahilou region to Russia, most of them repaired after being damaged in clashes in Ukraine.

Belarusian state-controlled media outlet Belta reported on Oct. 14 that Russian troops will arrive in Belarus in the coming days.

The transfer is allegedly intended to “protect the country’s border and reduce military activity in nearby areas,” Deputy Chief of the Belarus General Staff Viktor Tumar told Belta. Suspicions are rife that Russia would start another military operation against Ukraine from Belarus.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

Putin says 16,000 mobilized reservists already in Ukraine. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin told reporters on Oct. 14 at a summit in Kazakhstan that out of the 300,000 reservists Russia's Defense Ministry aimed to mobilize, 200,000 had already been registered, AP reports.

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