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Belarus' galvanized opposition to long-time President Alexander Lukashenko plans to conduct a protest march through central Minsk on Sunday, the independent news outlet Nexta reported, Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa) disclosed on September 12, 2020.

"This march will be very significant and unusual, be prepared to move," the protest organizers wrote in a statement posted on Nexta's Telegram channel on Friday, Peter Spinella and Lennart Simonsson of dpa said.

Last weekend, tens of thousands of people attended a protest march in Minsk that included a demonstration at Lukashenko's official residence. Some observers estimated that the crowd surpassed 100,000 people.

This Sunday's event is dedicated to jailed protest leader Maria Kalesnikava, whose supporters claim she was violently detained by unidentified masked men in central Minsk earlier this week. Kalesnikava, 38, is a member of the praesidium of a coordination council seeking to negotiate for a peaceful transition of power in Belarus. She faces a charge of attempting to overthrow Lukashenko. There have been protests every day in Belarus since a presidential election more than a month ago as the political opposition, as well as European Union officials, allege that Lukashenko rigged the vote to maintain his grip on power.

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