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Biden's Indo-Pacific Strategy Seems Familiar, Says Paper

The Biden administration’s new Indo-Pacific strategy calls for deeper regional partnerships, closer collaboration with allies on emerging technologies, and expanding American 5G and cyber capabilities across the region, all in order to counter China, Valerie Insinna reported for Breaking Defense.

Photo Insert: The sole purpose of the Indo-Pacific endeavors supposedly is to blunt Beijing’s efforts to frustrate US objectives.

“Our collective efforts over the next decade will determine whether the People’s Republic of China (PRC) succeeds in transforming the rules and norms that have benefitted the Indo-Pacific and the world,” the strategy states.

“Our objective is not to change China but to shape the strategic environment in which it operates, building a balance of influence in the world that is maximally favorable to the United States, our allies and partners, and the interests and values we share.”

A senior administration official noted that the goal of the strategy was not to contribute to an atmosphere that leads to conflict with China or to force nations in the region to “take sides,” but rather to “blunt Beijing’s efforts to frustrate US objectives.”

The Biden administration strategy lays out five lines of effort. Most relevant for those in the defense space is the goal to bolster security in the region. “Integrated deterrence will be the cornerstone of our approach,” the document states.

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“We will more tightly integrate our efforts across warfighting domains and the spectrum of conflict to ensure that the United States, alongside our allies and partners, can dissuade or defeat aggression in any form or domain. We will drive initiatives that reinforce deterrence and counter coercion, such as opposing efforts to alter territorial boundaries or undermine the rights of sovereign nations at sea.”

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