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Biden Tags Trump As Assassin Of U.S. Democracy

President Joe Biden's speech on Thursday (Friday, Jan. 7, 2022, in Manila) from the very spot where Donald Trump’s insurrectionists rampaged after invading the Capitol was easily his most authoritative moment since taking office, Stephen Collinson and Shelby Rose reported for CNN.

Photo Insert: Given Biden's scathing statements, it doesn't look like he'll be pardoning Donald Trump or his allies should they get convicted during the former's term.

"I did not seek this fight brought to this Capitol one year ago today, but I will not shrink from it either," Biden said.

"I will stand in this breach, I will defend this nation, and I will allow no one to place a dagger at the throat of democracy."

A political pundit might view Biden’s marking of the anniversary of the insurrection as the opening shot in a potential 2024 rematch with Trump. But it was far more. The President summoned Americans to a new national struggle to preserve their most basic right -- to choose their own leaders -- after Trump and his mob tried to subvert it by force.

"Let's step up, write the next chapter in American history where January 6th marks not the end of democracy but the beginning of a renaissance of liberty and fair play," Biden said from the Capitol's Statuary Hall.

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The current President, who initially sought to consign Trump to history by not talking about him, noticeably changed his strategy. He was scathing about his predecessor’s refusal to admit defeat, the coup attempt, and widening attempts by Republicans to suppress the vote in future elections.

"The former President's supporters are trying to rewrite history. They want you to see Election Day as the day of insurrection, and the riot that took place on January 6th as a true expression of the will of the people," Biden said. "Can you think of a more twisted way to look at this country, to look at America? I cannot."

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The President didn’t mention Trump by name, but was bluntly personal in his critique, no doubt pushing all of the insurrectionist-in-chief’s buttons as he languished in his gaudy private club in Florida. Biden stressed several times that Trump was defeated, was a liar and said the 45th President’s "bruised ego matters more to him than our democracy or our Constitution."

He tagged Trump as afflicted with an anti-social narcissistic personality disorder.

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