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Updated: Nov 24

A high-end subdivision in Mandaluyong City has sought the help of the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) to address what it said were violations made by a contractor in the construction of a building that turned out to be a BMW showroom.

Greenhills East Village Association (GEVA) filed a case against N. S. Mangio Construction and Development Corporation with the PCAB to address issues that the subdivision said were violations in the construction of the building.

Docketed as PCAB Case No. 0719-0004, GEVA enumerated a litany of its communication with the said contractor regarding the conduct of the building of the said showroom.

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GEVA said it was constrained to seek redress from PCAB, which is attached to the Department of Trade and Industry, through its Monitoring and Enforcement Division, for N. S. Mangio Construction and Development Corporation to comply with the GEVA building rules.

The complaint, which was filed by AR. Luis Miguel Borromeo, Chairman of the Building and Construction Committee of GEVA, listed several communications between the committee and the contractor to show to the PCAB why there were violations in the construction of the said building on the lot located at the corner of Connecticut Street and Columbia Street, Greenhills East Village.

Citing what it said were "misrepresentation and fraudulent act committed" by the contractor, GEVA also said it is complaining before the PCAB "about the unprofessional ethics of N. S. Mangio Construction and Development Corporation" and accordingly asked for the contractor to fully comply with the subdivision association's rules.

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