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Boris Johnson Faces Possible Ouster As UK PM

For much of his political career, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been known as an electoral wizard.

Photo Insert: Do the latest polls mean that UK PM Boris Johnson has lost his electoral magic?

His uncanny talent for appealing to people who wouldn’t normally vote Conservative made him mayor of London, a left-wing heartland, in 2008, and later propelled him to a landslide victory and the prime minister’s job in the general election of 2019 with a Tory surge in traditional Labor constituencies, Owen Matthews wrote for Foreign Policy.

Yet Johnson’s shambling, rumpled, Old Etonian schtick seems to be wearing thin. The latest polls show his approval rating running 13 percentage points behind Keir Starmer, leader of the opposition Labour Party.

Despite commanding a majority in the House of Commons larger than any prime minister’s since Margaret Thatcher, Johnson this week may have to rely on Labor votes to pass new COVID-19 lockdown legislation. And an upcoming local election may see a commanding Tory advantage all but evaporate.

“The cause of Johnson’s fall from grace has been a series of unforced errors that have highlighted three of his biggest apparent weaknesses: dishonesty, cronyism and a dilettante attitude to the affairs of state,” Matthews, who wrote “Stalin’s Children,” argued.

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He has been blamed largely for the flip-flopping on the Brexit deal that has punished British farmers and caused the mass resignation of foreigners who have manned factories, drove trucks, and worked to ensure the UK supply chain operates efficiently.

Moreover, he has been criticized for cutting a trade deal with the European Union (EU) only to shred it, later on, threatening the peace deal in Northern Ireland.

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