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Brelyon Wins 2022 SPIE Prism Award For Innovation In Displays

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Brelyon, the MIT spin-off pioneering a new category of ultra-immersive display technology, has announced that its Ultra Reality™ display technology was named as the 2022 Prism Award winner for Displays.

Photo Insert: Brelyon's Ultra Reality display

The award from SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, and Photonics Media recognizes the top optics and photonics products on the market and celebrates the most innovative photonics technologies. For consideration in this year's awards, SPIE evaluated 120 companies from 18 countries, according to a PR Newswire report.

"We are really excited and grateful to receive the Prism Award," said Dr. Alok Mehta, COO of Brelyon.

"This is a significant recognition from the industry. From day one, we made it a priority to take our innovation out of the lab and into the field, where we've assiduously iterated with our customers and end-users to meet their most nuanced visual experience needs. We are honored by the recognition from the optics and photonics community and look forward to making our next-generation display technology available to the world."

Built upon groundbreaking work from the MIT Media Lab, Brelyon's Ultra Reality uses precise wavefront engineering to create a massive field of view with true optical depth, generating an immersive panoramic virtual screen that engulfs the viewer without the need for a headset. Brelyon launched Ultra Reality in January at CES, where the company also announced partnerships with LG Display, Monozukuri, and Formant.

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"Unlike conventional stereoscopic displays, Brelyon uses its monocular depth modulation capabilities to provide a visual experience that alleviates eye fatigue and image artifacts for the user," said Professor Ramesh Raskar of MIT Media Lab.

"Conventionally the lightfield has been represented by subsampling the field in angle. While this approach is straightforward to implement, it usually comes with angular haze artifact and resolution reduction per view angle which ultimately creates an inferior image quality compared to flat screens."

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Brelyon's Ultra Reality features a high dynamic range (HDR) 122" screen in a compact 32" form factor which can clock at 144Hz. This enables a variety of enterprise and consumer use cases by offering a multi-monitor replacement and an immersive portal to the metaverse.

The dynamic range of a screen is now a benchmark standard that is highly sought after in the display market. This parameter refers to the difference between the blackest black and brightest pixel shown by the display and the smooth transitions between the brightness levels.

Science & technology: Scientist using a microscope in laboratory in the financial district.

"With resolution densities surpassing the retina resolution for most displays, the dynamic range of the image is the new frontier to excel in experience impact," said Ajit Ninan, vice president of Dolby Laboratories.

"The Brelyon technology allows crafting brightness and luminance in a completely new way. This is really innovative, because now by considering the directionality of the light we can start to think about dynamic range as a vector field with much higher local brightness boundaries rather than a flat 2D matrix with linear nits range."

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