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Busan Tourism Organization Releases Video 'Eyheymahamo' To Promote The City's Vibe

The Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Tourism Organization (BTO) released a promotional video produced to introduce the unique vibe of Busan, an international tourism city, to the global market through the Visit Busan YouTube channel on February 10.

Photo Insert: The Busan Metropolitan City and Busan Tourism Organization (BTO) want tourists to get onboard this train - or plane.

This promotional video, according to a Business Wire report, was planned as a unique content of Busan under the three themes of Sanbokdoro (Sanbok Road), Busan Eomuk (fish cake), and the vibe of Busan.

The video shows the thrilling bus drive that can only be experienced on Sanbokdoro, Busan’s signature food, Eomuk and warm atmosphere in a traditional market, and the vibe of Busan spread in Sajik Baseball Stadium, the world’s largest Karaoke.

In particular, Eyheymahamo, a catchphrase similar to Abracadabra or Hakuna Matata that is repeated throughout the video, arouses the curiosity of overseas viewers. Eyheymahamo is a compound word of Eyhey, Ma, and Hamo, the dialect of Busan. This phrase means, “Hey, don’t worry. You’re okay.”

Mudd the Student, a rapper from Busan who competed at 'Show Me the Money Season 10' composed the song using the dialect of Busan and appeared on the video. The video also features choreography created by Hook, a dance crew from Street Woman Fighter.

All the news: Business man in suit and tie smiling and reading a newspaper near the financial district.

These artists will continue performing as the publicity models for Busan tourism.

Following the release of the video, the Busan Metropolitan City and BTO will start publicizing it from February 25 in the form of a short-form challenge together with famous global influencers using Tiktok, a global short video platform, and Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website.

Market & economy: Market economist in suit and tie reading reports and analysing charts in the office located in the financial district.

With the video that shows the charm of Busan, an international tourism city, the Busan Metropolitan City will increase the global recognition of Busan as a city most loved by Koreans and a city overseas tourists would want to visit.

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