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Birthdays can be one of the happiest moments of celebrating life. But now with COVID-19, doctors say it's probably not a good idea to blow out candles on a cake that's about to be shared, KCRA 3 News reported.

"The risk is if the person blowing out the candles has COVID-19," said Dr. Sarah Boyd, and infectious disease specialist at Saint Luke's Health System in Kansas City.

Doctors said that events, such as birthdays, come down more to the number of people and the distance.

"We've kind of all along been a little concerned, could those particles hang in the air a little further or a little longer?" Boyd said.

Some event venues are hosting birthday parties again in limited numbers, but not allowing people to blow out birthday candles.

At Main Event in Kansas City, a candle wand is used instead to put out the flames.

"It's kind of different for them just because it's not normal, but after they see how it's done, they think it's fun," said Dylan Aziere, of Main Event.

Doctors said people may want to buy a second cake or use a cupcake to light with candles for the birthday tradition.

"I don't think we have data to say, you know, what the risk is or how high of a risk it could be, but you know, I think it's definitely something to consider," Boyd said.