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Celebrating Japan-Philippine Partnership: MITSUKOSHI BGC Grand Opening

A grand celebration marked the official opening of "MITSUKOSHI BGC," a dynamic shopping mall nestled within a vast mixed-use residential and commercial development project in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Philippines.

Celebrating Culture and Commerce: MITSUKOSHI BGC - A Japan-Philippine Partnership Unveiled in Manila, Philippines | Image: Mitsukoshi BGC

Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd. and Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., in collaboration with Federal Land, Inc., a leading Philippine developer, unveiled this ambitious endeavor during a grand opening ceremony on July 21, 2023.

The ceremony was imbued with the spirit of Japan's seasonal festival, "Matsuri," and featured captivating performances such as Japanese drumming and calligraphy. Under the theme of "NEXT MANILA LIFESTYLE," MITSUKOSHI BGC aspires to enhance the daily lives of both its visitors and the residents of the towering apartments nearby.

Toshiyuki Hosoya, Director, President, and CEO of Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, expressed his gratitude for the collaborative efforts, stating, "Our policy is characterized by two features: hospitality (customer-first principle) and partnership (win-win relationship), and in the Philippines, we will maintain this business philosophy for our customers and business partners. I am certain that a new sensation takes hold as you visit MITSUKOSHI BGC after enjoying a shopping experience at Mitsukoshi and Isetan department stores in Japan. I hope you will share our belief that we are proposing a culture, not products."

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Eiji Kutsukake, Chair, and Director of Nomura Real Estate Holdings, Inc., highlighted the long journey leading to this milestone: "We participated in this project as I was fascinated by the encounter in 2015 with Mr. Alfred V. Ty and his passion for the project as well as the growing power of the Philippines, and we have worked on the project with a belief that our knowledge and know-how cultivated in Japan can be applied overseas."

Business: Business men in suite and tie in a work meeting in the office located in the financial district.

The symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony was conducted by a group of seven prominent figures, including Philippine Vice President Sara Duterte, Federal Land, Inc. Chairman Alfred V. Ty, Nomura Real Estate HD Chair and Director Eiji Kutsukake, and Isetan Mitsukoshi HDS Director, President, and CEO Toshiyuki Hosoya. The presence of Japanese Ambassador to the Philippines Kazuhiko Koshikawa added prestige to the event.

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In a bid to infuse a touch of Japan into the Filipino shopping experience, MITSUKOSHI BGC adopted Japan's seasonal festivals 'Matsuri' as its overarching theme.

The mall's various floors were adorned with festival elements, creating an ambiance that allows customers to immerse themselves in Japanese culture. The grand opening festivities included different zones representing various seasonal festivals, with accompanying events spanning ten days, all adding to the excitement of the launch.

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To conclude this momentous occasion, an evening gala was held at the Japanese ambassador's residence in Forbes Park.

The event featured the traditional Kagamiwari, a sake barrel opening ceremony, and a quartet performance that added a touch of glamour to the evening, bringing together esteemed guests from business associations and partners.

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The opening of "MITSUKOSHI BGC" not only signifies a successful collaboration between Japanese and Philippine developers but also represents a fusion of cultures and a promising future for the vibrant Manila community.

As the mall opens its doors to the public, it aims to become a beloved destination where culture and commerce intertwine, enriching the lives of all who visit.

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