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China Has Integrated Conventional, New Domain Forces: Japan

The Chinese military has integrated its land, sea, and air conventional forces with new space, cyber, electromagnetic, and cognitive domains to enhance its joint operations capabilities and will aim to equal or surpass the United States in 2050, a Japanese Defense Ministry think tank warned.

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The annual report on China's security strategy by the National Institute for Defense Studies was released as the rivalry between Washington and Beijing has been intensifying, and attention is growing on the timeline for a possible Chinese invasion of self-ruled Taiwan, Reito Kaneko reported for Kyodo News.

In March, then US Indo-Pacific Command chief Adm. Philip Davidson said that China could try to invade Taiwan "in the next six years."

After decades of military reform, China has, to a certain degree, attained centralized command structures to defend its combat systems, and identify and strike potential adversaries' vital weak points, the China Security Report 2022 said.

“The People's Liberation Army went beyond merely imitating Western countries. It made the joint operations concept unique by basing it on the PLA's tradition and novel by taking new technological developments into account," the report said.

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Beijing started to research joint operations capabilities after the Gulf War, triggered by Iraq's invasion of Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990. The multinational coalition against Iraq's leader Saddam Hussein comprised more than 30 countries.

The military operation began in January 1991 with the US surprising Beijing with its use of high-technology weapons. Chinese President Xi Jinping accelerated the integration concept after becoming head of the Communist Party of China in 2012 and even more after becoming the country's president the following year, the report said.

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