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Chips Ahoy, Boys & Girls Clubs Of America Launch "Follow Your Art", Pledge $1M To Fund Art Programs

Chips Ahoy! is a brand that is "Here for Happy" and recognizes that arts and creativity help many teens find their happy place. However, even before the pandemic, there was more than a 40% decrease in art funding since 20011.

Photo Insert: The "Follow Your Art" campaign helps more teens gain access to the artistic tools, resources, and inspiration they need to follow their art.

So Chips Ahoy! decided to step in and support its teen fans for whom the arts isn't just an elective or passion project – it's an essential part of making them happy every day. To ensure more teens have access to the tools, resources, and inspiration to follow their art all the way to their happy place, Chips Ahoy! has teamed up with Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) to launch the Follow Your Art campaign, committing to a $1MM donation to help fund BGCA art programs through 2024.

"We're proud to launch this campaign to help bring happiness to our fans – not just with our cookies, but from making a difference with one of their big passion points, the arts, and self-expression – all while giving back to our communities through a great organization," said Julia Rosenbloom, Brand Manager, Chips Ahoy! at Mondelēz International.

"The reality is that art education is being deprioritized and the Chips Ahoy!® Follow Your Art program was created to help give more teens access to arts programming they need and deserve. We hope this helps more teens find their happy place."

Helping Teens Find Their Happy Place

To champion teens' artistic passions, Chips Ahoy! is releasing limited-edition cookies with blue-coated candy pieces inspired by Boys & Girls Clubs of America's brand colors and packaging with designs inspired by six Boys & Girls Club teens, each of whom won a nationwide contest, giving them the opportunity to have their artwork featured on the brand's packaging. In addition, each winning member's Club received $2,500 from Chips Ahoy!. The packs will become available in Walmart this week and retailers nationwide by May.

In addition to the limited-edition cookies, in a true, art-inspired fashion, Chips Ahoy! hosted an immersive art experience for members of the Variety Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles. Artist and poet Amber Vittoria led a painting class where she also spoke about her creative process and how making art brings her to her happy place. Also in attendance was celebrity and BGCA alum Mario Lopez, who benefitted from the organization's arts programming himself.

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"I grew up in Boys & Girls Clubs of America, so the organization has a special place in my heart," said Mario Lopez. "I'm so appreciative of the work Chips Ahoy! is doing to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America and its members. I hope I was able to inspire members of the Variety Boys & Girls Club by telling them about my journey of developing my passion for theater."

"We are thrilled to team up with such an iconic brand and to have continued support from Club alumnus Mario Lopez. Together, we believe every teen deserves access to a robust arts education," said Jim Clark, president & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America. "Chips Ahoy! is empowering our mission to enable youth to reach their full potential. We are honored to work alongside a brand who recognizes the arts as an essential pathway for young people to discover their passions and build a positive future."

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How Else to Get Involved in the Follow Your Art Campaign

That's not all: For those with a shared passion for the arts and creativity who want to help make a positive impact on teens in the arts community, Chips Ahoy! is launching the Follow Your Art Sweepstakes, which triggers an additional $1 donation, up to $100,000, to BGCA art programs for every sweeps entry from April 4 – June 30, 20222.

Alongside the potential $100,000 donation, 20 grand prize winners will receive a $1,000 prize package to support them in pursuing their artistic passion, while 100 first prize winners will be gifted a $250 gift card to an online retailer that sells the necessary supplies to help them follow their art and passion.

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