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Chloe Fineman Leads Pantene’s New Conditioner Collective

Conditioner has long been considered shampoo’s obligatory sidekick. But that’s about to change. For 40 years conditioners have been saying the same thing – “condition and detangle hair”— and consumers were tired of it. So, Pantene surveyed women and asked what they really wanted from their dream conditioner. And turns out, it’d be more like a styler.

Photo Insert: Chloe Fineman, star of Saturday Night Live and Dickinson known for viral impressions and insane personal style

The new Pantene conditioners are designed to make styling easier, more consistent, and longer-lasting, with twice the protective antioxidants and pro-vitamin B5, Business Wire reported. Can your conditioner do that?

To prove these bold claims, Pantene has partnered with a Collective of impressive, strong, modern, multi-hyphenate women known for pushing boundaries who will help demo the conditioners against their everyday activities. The Pantene Conditioner Collective will work to redefine the status quo of conditioners with humor, creativity, and inspiration, demonstrating how hairstyles hold up in real-life scenarios when you dare to demand more from your conditioner.

The Pantene Conditioner Collective members include:

  • Chloe Fineman, star of Saturday Night Live and Dickinson known for viral impressions and insane personal style

  • Jess King, Peloton instructor who rocks iconic, long red braids and ponytails through powerful workouts

  • Meg Stalter, breakout sketch comedian, and actress on HBO’s Hacks who captivates with her honest, audacious humor

  • Nardia Boodoo, model and ballerina with The Washington Ballet whose Indo-Trinidadian heritage radiates through her natural curls

  • Ezinma, violinist, composer, and educator shattering the stereotypes of classical music, performing with top pop artists, and working on her own debut album, Classical Bae

The Collective makes their debut in Pantene’s new film “Can Your Conditioner Do This?,” a vibrant showcase of ways conditioner can deliver more for your changing hairstyles. It features the women wearing updos that undo soft curls, braids that last for miles, hairstyles that hold with less breakage, and loose waves that last even under hot stage lights.

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“These women are the main characters in their own lives, and we’re inspired by their use of style as a means of expressing individuality and the different aspects of themselves,” said Maris Croswell, Senior Brand Director at Pantene.

“At Pantene, our goal is to create products that help her achieve her desired end look so she can express herself freely, and her hair needs a strong, healthy foundation to do that. Our new formulas have 2X the active nutrients* and nourish hair to make it easier to style. She can experiment with her styles and express her individuality, knowing her hair can keep up with everything she asks of it.”

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Later this year, Chloe will be kicking off a series of #PanteneCanDoThat challenges on Instagram. Through these challenges, Collective members will showcase how using Pantene conditioner enhances their style. From recreating popular hairstyles, to bringing back the 2000’s, our Collective will share how Pantene helps achieve and maximize their hairstyles. Fans can add their content as well using #PanteneCanDoThat.

“It’s 2022 - You should be asking more from your conditioner!” said Fineman. “I love having a conditioner that can keep up with my day – constantly changing styles, getting into different characters - I know my Pantene conditioner can keep up with whatever I throw at my hair.”

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Additionally, all of the beautiful imagery supporting the launch of Pantene’s new conditioners showcases the authentic beauty and individuality of the Conditioner Collective members.

The imagery undergoes no digital alterations that would change the original texture, color, style, and overall individuality we strive to celebrate. These images showcase strong, healthy, unique, and beautiful hair– in its best and truest light. Moving forward, all of Pantene’s beauty imagery will genuinely showcase real, diverse, natural beauty and its many different forms.

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Pantene’s new conditioners include five varieties (Daily Moisture Renewal, Curl Perfection, Smooth & Sleek, Repair & Protect, and Volume & Body), and will be available for $4.99 nationwide at drugstores, food stores, and mass merchandisers January 2022.

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