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Communist Lawmaker Expelled From Gen. Assy. For Demanding Russian Withdrawal From Ukraine

Breaking with the party line in a rare show of opposition to his country’s war in Ukraine, four Communist Party lawmakers in Russia’s Far East demanded an end to the war in Ukraine and the withdrawal of Russian forces, the Associated Press (AP) reported.

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“We understand that if our country doesn’t stop the military operation, we’ll have more orphans in our country,” Leonid Vasyukevich said at a meeting of the Primorye Krai regional Legislative Assembly in the Pacific port of Vladivostok on Friday.

His comments, which he addressed to President Vladimir Putin, were shown in a video posted on a Telegram channel from the region.

Kyiv Independent reported three other Communist members of the legislature of Primorye Krai have called on Putin to end the war. Vasyukevich told members of the legislature that Russian troops are suffering heavy losses and failing to achieve success.

Another deputy followed to support Vasyukevich’s views but the legislative assembly’s chairman cut him and issued a statement calling the remarks a “political provocation” not supported by the majority of lawmakers.

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Earlier this month, a Russian diplomat based in Geneva resigned, saying he was “ashamed” of the war. Russia has imposed severe penalties for publicly challenging the Kremlin’s narrative on the military operation in Ukraine.

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