• By The Financial District


A large private event scheduled to take place at a holiday resort in Jämsä, Central Finland is raising eyebrows in the region, according to the tabloid Iltalehti. 

The paper reported that a partner-swapping event involving between 100 and 200 people is due to take place at the Himos Areena. Public health authorities consider the coronavirus epidemic to be in an accelerating phase in the region. IL wrote that a complaint about the event has been lodged with the medical chief in Jämsä, which is part of the Pirkanmaa hospital district. 

Tiina Mäntyharju, CEO of Himos Holiday Resort, confirmed to Yle that a private event had been scheduled at Himos Areena and that 100-200 people are expected to attend. However she said it will not be a jampacked affair. "The Areena’s alcohol license is for 1,150 people. You could assume that if there are 100-200 people then it will be quite spread out," she said. 

Mäntyharju said that some of the people expected to attend the exclusive event have also reserved holiday cabins for the weekend. She pointed out that there have been several similar large events at Himos this autumn and that they have always followed the rules. She noted that a large Shlager music-themed birthday party took place a few weeks ago. She said that the nature of this particular party seems to have ruffled feathers. "People think that an erotic event will be different from others. Based on experience I can say that it is [just] one of many events. People keep their clothes on and behave wisely and appropriately," she added, noting that discipline is a part of erotic events.